World Magnetic Signed Lithos



 ALL photos thanks to Metallitrucker !!


Released by: Metclub (The Metallica Club) -

Quantity: 250

Price: $124.99

Additional Info:  (From the Metclub) Allow us to introduce you to the World Magnetic autographed lithos photographed by our very own Jeff Yeager! Limited in production to 250 sets, each one is hand signed by the band members themselves and are sure to be collector's items. Each individual litho measures 18 x 12 inches and is sold as a set of four only (one each band member) for $124.99 per set (plus shipping). This is a Club exclusive and because there is a very limited quantity, we want to give each Clubber a chance to purchase them through a reservation contest. One entry per member, and the lithos are limited to one set available for purchase per member. Reservation contest ends October 30th at midnight Pacific Time. Good luck! 

The Reservation Contest is now up and will end October 30, 2009 at midnight Pacific Time. Once the contest is over, 250 members will be selected at random by the computer (much like the Meet and Greet contest). On Monday, November 2, we will e-mail those who have successfully RESERVED a litho set with further instructions on how to complete your purchase. 


Number of Lithos listed: 32



  1. 7c+ (Germany)
  2. Alextallica (Holland)
  3. Alfredus (Australia)
  4. Cowboyblues1000 (Japan)
  5. DyersEve (Italy)
  6. Frayed (Israel)
  7. Fan of bread (Australia)
  8. FuckThePosers (Germany)
  9. Geensjeff
  10. Harvester Of Ontario (USA)
  11. Heavymassy (Italy)
  12. Hetfield029 (Poland)
  13. Inicjator (Poland)
  14. Jdb83 (Australia)
  15. JoeyDaBox (USA)
  16. Ktuluboy (Canada)
  1. Livestrong
  2. Lonzallica
  3. Lostie888 (Australia)
  4. (Finland)
  5. MatallicA (Canada)
  6. Metallicat (Austria)
  7. MetalliTrucker (USA)
  8. Metfan46 (Gibraltar) 
  9. Momm
  10. Mu5tdie (Russia)
  11. Natallic (Australia)
  12. Ray33 (Netherlands)
  13. Rodrigollica (Chile)
  14. Sir CC (England)
  15. TALLICA4EVER's son (Australia)
  16. The Sniper (France)


ktuluboy's (Canada) framed lithos !!!!!!!