TMCC guitar picks



Released by: metallitrucker for TMCC members - March 2011

Cost: $1.00 each

Quantity:  225


Made by TMCC member MetalliTrucker for TMCC members. The slogan won't mean anything to anyone else.

TMCC golf balls



Released by: TMCC member robboogart - July 2011

Cost: 12,50 per set

Quantity:  99


"The long wait is finally over..... The Big 2 Golfballs are here. A couple of months ago me and a friend got the idea to make a TMCC exclusive.
We had a couple of ideas, but his is our first attempt. We hope you dig it!  This is purely a fan project, we do NOT make any money of these.

When you buy a set (or multiple) you also help the TMCC club since the profit of 1,- of every sold set goes to Jonas for the hosting-costs of the TMCC site."