Newbury Death Magnetic Pint Glass


Released: 2008 -during time of Death Magnetic release

Country: USA

Price: FREE

Quantity: 1500


  • Pre-order the upcoming Metallica release, Death Magnetic and receive a limited edition pint glass from the "Newbury Comics Artist Pint Glass Series"
  • This Metallica pint glass is a Limited Edition (only 1500 made). If you want to be sure you get one, order right here on*.
  • Pint glasses only ship to DOMESTIC destinations. If you are ordering from outside of the United States you will receive a CD only, unless otherwise stated.



  1. Alfredus (Australia)
  2. Callofthepuppetmaster (Scotland)
  3. Candyman5000
  4. Elder_thing (Finland)
  5. Inicjator (Ireland)
  6. Jari (Sverige)
  7. MC (Australia)
  8. Metallifreak27 (Australia)
  9. MetalliTrucker (USA)
  10. MetFan55
  11. Momm
  12. Sir CC......finally ;)
  13. The FADE (TMCC)
  14. Woody (Scotland)

     Number of glasses listed: 14